FUMO Gummy bears 30ml

Embark on a delightful journey of sweetness and nostalgia with Fumo Aqua’s Gummy Bear 30ml e-liquid. As vaping evolves, the demand for unique and flavorful options continues to rise, and Fumo Aqua meets this demand with a carefully crafted blend that captures the essence of everyone’s favorite gummy candies. Indulge in the playful fusion of fruity gummy goodness, expertly concocted to bring a smile to any vaper’s face.

What is the pink gummy bear?

The pink gummy bear is a variation of the classic gummy bear candy, which is a chewy, fruit-flavored confectionery typically made from gelatin, sugar, and fruit juice. The pink color is often associated with a strawberry or raspberry flavor, adding a sweet and fruity twist to the traditional gummy bear assortment.

Where is gummy bear candy made?

Gummy bear candies are manufactured by various confectionery companies around the world. The production of gummy bears is not limited to a specific geographic location, as many candy manufacturers globally produce these popular treats. The manufacturing process involves combining ingredients like gelatin, sugar, and flavorings, and then molding the mixture into the iconic bear shapes before packaging.

Are gummy candies healthy?

The healthiness of gummy candies depends on various factors, including the specific ingredients used in their production, portion sizes, and an individual’s overall diet. While gummy candies are often enjoyed as a sweet treat, they are typically high in sugar and may contain artificial colorings and flavorings. Additionally, most gummy candies are not known for providing nutritional value.


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FUMO Gummy Bears 30ml: Escape to Candyland with Every Puff

A Blast from the Past in Every Puff

Remember the pure joy of popping a handful of sweet, chewy gummy bears into your mouth? Relive that sugary nostalgia with the FUMO Gummy Bears 30ml vape juice. This delightful e-liquid captures the essence of those irresistible candies, offering a burst of sugary goodness on every inhale. Close your eyes and take a deep breath – a wave of fruity rainbows washes over your palate, transporting you back to childhood wonder.


  1. Assorted Berry Symphony: Fumo Aqua’s Mixed Berries e-liquid is a celebration of the diverse and exquisite world of berries. From the sweet allure of strawberries to the tangy kick of blueberries and the robust richness of blackberries. So, each inhale is a medley of berry goodness that dances on the palate.
  2. High-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with a commitment to excellence. This e-liquid features high-quality ingredients that ensure a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Fumo Aqua takes pride in delivering a product that meets the standards of discerning vapers. Therefore allowing you to enjoy the pure essence of mixed berries.
  3. 30ml of Flavorful Bliss: Contained within a convenient 30ml bottle. Fumo Aqua Mixed Berries ensures that your vaping journey is both portable and enduring. The moderate size strikes the perfect balance. So, offering a substantial supply for regular vapers while remaining convenient for those who indulge more sporadically.
  4. No-Nicotine Option: Catering to a diverse range of preferences, Fumo Aqua provides a no-nicotine option for the Mixed Berries e-liquid. This allows vapers to relish the vibrant berry flavors without the addition of nicotine, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize flavor over the nicotine kick.

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